3 Tips For Moving Your Piano

Are you planning a move this summer? With the right moving procedures in place, you can move your things from one home to another without suffering any losses.

3 Tips For Moving Your Piano

28 April 2015
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In order to be sure that you are able to keep your piano intact during a move, you'll need to learn some important tips that will help you. It's likely that you spent a good amount of money to own your piano, so the last thing you'll ever want is to compromise your piano throughout the moving process. With this in mind, there are some critical things you must do in order to keep your piano in the best condition, regardless of your move. Take advantage of these tips and exercise them to the fullest. 

#1: Know The Important Guidelines For Doing It Yourself

If you plan on moving your own piano, it is vitally important that you understand some guidelines that will make the process run smoothly. Consider some of the following tips for doing your own piano move:

  • Never lift your piano along the legs, because they are not durable and will break
  • If you're using a moving truck, secure the piano with planks or pallets and always set it up closest to the wall
  • Always lock the lid so that it does not pry open and cause damage during the move
  • Use blankets and other forms of padding so that you can prevent scratches to the wood

#2: Don't Underestimate The Weight Of The Piano

While it's obvious that pianos are heavy, you'll need to gauge the amount of help that you need based on the size of your piano. This is a very important consideration, since classic upright pianos can easily weigh more than 800 pounds. Knowing this weight allows you to keep your piano in good hands by getting the estimate that you need, whether you handle the move on your own or hire a company like Johnson Piano Moving to do it for you. 

#3: Get Ready To Re-Tune The Piano

Tuning is one thing people worry themselves to death over prior to moving a piano. You'll need to resolve that you'll have to tune the piano again no matter how many precautions that you take, because this is likely the case. Changing temperatures and atmospheres plays a huge role in the way your piano will sound, so don't waste time with trying to maintain tuning prior to the move. You'll be able to get a professional tuner to help you with this once your piano is settled in your new location. 

Follow these three tips, so that you are best able to handle a move for your piano. 

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