Are you planning a move this summer? With the right moving procedures in place, you can move your things from one home to another without suffering any losses.

Is Moving Before Baby Arrives The Best Use Of Your Time?

27 June 2023
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Is your apartment too small for the new baby about to arrive? Many Americans upgrade to their own home when they expand the family. But when should you actually make the physical move? In many cases, it's best to do so while still pregnant. Not only is it often easier, but it may be a much smarter use of your time. Why? Here are a few things to consider.  1. You Only Nest Once Read More …

How To Make Your Move More Efficient For Your Moving Company

10 October 2018
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Hiring a moving company is the ideal way to make your local or cross-country move successful. Professional movers help you pack your important belongings, place them on moving vehicles, then they put your items in your new home for you. In the end, your move is made much easier and you worry less about your things getting lost or broken while in transit. While your movers do all or most of the work for you, you can do your part to make your move more efficient and fast. Read More …

Steps To Follow When Storing A Wood Table

22 February 2017
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If you are needing to store a wood table, it can be easy to accidentally damage it. A high-quality wood table can be remarkably expensive to replace, which will make it necessary to make a serious effort to prepare these pieces of furniture for their time in storage. Detach The Legs It may seem like simply placing the table in the storage unit will be a suitable method for storing it. Read More …

Creative Ways To Use Plastic Wrap While Packing

21 July 2016
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Packing can be the most difficult part of moving. It's tedious and time-consuming. You spend days packing, knowing that you'll just unpack as soon as you finish. There are things you can do to make packing and unpacking less time-consuming and stressful. Plastic wrap is one of the most important packing tools you can use. Here are some uses for plastic wrap that will change your life. Cover Drawers Most people take all of their clothing out of their drawers and put it into boxes. Read More …

Moving At Christmas Time: Three Ways To Stress Less During A Holiday Move

8 December 2015
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Many people make an effort to move at the least busy times in their lives, such as a vacation or summer break, when the kids are out of school. But for some families, moving can't be postponed. Maybe your home has sold more quickly than you anticipated or a big new job will start in another area. If you have to move during December, here are some ways to minimize your stress levels and the impact on your family: Read More …

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