Steps To Follow When Storing A Wood Table

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Steps To Follow When Storing A Wood Table

22 February 2017
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If you are needing to store a wood table, it can be easy to accidentally damage it. A high-quality wood table can be remarkably expensive to replace, which will make it necessary to make a serious effort to prepare these pieces of furniture for their time in storage.

Detach The Legs

It may seem like simply placing the table in the storage unit will be a suitable method for storing it. However, this can actually expose the table to a higher likelihood of experiencing damages. These damages can be in the form of scratching or warping of the legs. In instances where another item in storage accidentally strikes the legs, they may completely break.

Detaching the legs will allow you to ensure that they are stored in a manner that will avoid these issues. Also, it will make it much easier for you to fit your table into a crowded storage unit. When detaching the legs, there will be several screws that you will need to keep to be able to securely attach the legs in the future. Placing these screws in a small bag and taping the bag to the table will allow you to quickly retrieve these items when you are ready to set the table up after its time in storage is over.

Protect The Finish

The finish on your table is designed to protect the wood against the punishment that it may sustain from storage. A finish will help to avoid deep scratches forming in the wood as well as minimizing the amount of natural oils that are lost to evaporation. Protecting the finish will require you to thoroughly wipe the entire exterior of the wood. Dust can gather on the table, which will scratch the finish as well as pull moisture from the wood. However, wiping the table will remove these substances. You may also want to apply an additional coat of finish the table as this will offer additional problem when you are loading the table into the unit.

Avoid Placing The Table Directly On The Floor

While the floor might seem like the most obvious place to put your table until you need it, there are problems that can come from this decision. Condensation and other forms of moisture can cause the thin layers of moisture to form on the wood table. While you might not consider this moisture a dangerous threat, it can rot and discolor the wood in the table. By placing the table at least several inches above the ground, you can greatly reduce the amount of condensation that forms on the table.

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