Are you planning a move this summer? With the right moving procedures in place, you can move your things from one home to another without suffering any losses.

Understanding The Self-Storage Facility Contract

14 April 2015
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No matter what you are using an Epic Group Inc self-storage unit for, you need to understand the contract you signed for it. If you are like most people, you barely glance at the contract and sort of tune out when the clerk explains different parts of it to you. For the most part, you will not encounter any trouble as long as you pay the rent on time. However, there are some parts of the contract that you should understand. Read More …

Making Your Next Move Easier

14 April 2015
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Like modern day nomads, many people go through the ordeal of moving day every year or two. Some have even managed to make a science of it, but for the majority of people, the entire process is a headache they'd rather avoid. While that may not always be possible, you can make it easier on yourself, so long as you have the right approach and know who to contact for help. Read More …

Get Help Moving With A Custom Relocation Company

13 April 2015
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If you are going to be moving out of the area, you need to make sure you do all you can to make the move and the transition as easy as possible. This is why you should consider hiring a company to provide you with custom relocation services. These companies can help you with your relocation in many areas. You can learn about some of the many ways a custom relocation service can offer you assistance in this article: Read More …

4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Self-Storage Unit

26 March 2015
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If you notice that you have a number of items that just aren't fitting in your space any longer, you may consider using a self-storage unit instead of selling. This will ensure that you are able to keep your valuable items while keeping them safe all without having to keep them cramped up in your living space. Once you decide that a self-storage unit is right for you, here are four tips for getting the most out of it: Read More …

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