Are you planning a move this summer? With the right moving procedures in place, you can move your things from one home to another without suffering any losses.

Moving At Christmas Time: Three Ways To Stress Less During A Holiday Move

8 December 2015
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Many people make an effort to move at the least busy times in their lives, such as a vacation or summer break, when the kids are out of school. But for some families, moving can't be postponed. Maybe your home has sold more quickly than you anticipated or a big new job will start in another area. If you have to move during December, here are some ways to minimize your stress levels and the impact on your family: Read More …

How to Use a Storage Unit to Keep Your Home Organized

31 August 2015
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If you are downsizing your home, renting out a storage unit might be your best bet to get organized. While storage units are often thought of as a way for people to hang onto things they don't need, this doesn't need to be the case. Here are four ways that renting a storage unit can bring order to your life and keep things simple. 1. Seasonal Items Renting a storage unit for items that you don't need year round will keep these things out of the way and free from damage. Read More …

Have Pets? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things Before A Long Distance Move

30 July 2015
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If you are planning on making a long distance move soon, and you have pets, you need to think about their needs as you plan your move as well as your own. Here are three things you should do before a big move if you have pets. 1. Make Sure Your New Home Is Pet Friendly Before you sign a new lease agreement, make sure that the area is pet friendly. Read More …

What To Look For In A Storage Unit, And How To Find It

21 July 2015
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In highly populated, densely packed urban areas, storage units are a dime a dozen. With a plethora of choices on hand, renters are faced with a difficult decision. While many storage facilities may seem equal in quality, they can offer pronounced differences in services, amenities, and customer service. For some people, it's difficult to determine which storage units are better than others. Below you'll find a list of the best qualities to be found in storage units, as well as a brief tutorial for finding a unit that features those qualities. Read More …

Two Ways to Keep Your Old Home Clean When Moving on a Rainy Day

6 July 2015
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Moving on a rainy day presents many challenges, one of which is keeping your old home clean as you pack and carry endless boxes and pieces of furniture out to the moving truck. It's all too easy to track muddy footprints across the carpet or soak the floor with water from an umbrella. Your landlord (or the new owners of the home if you're selling) won't appreciate this type of mess being left behind. Read More …

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